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We bring success to your Project!

Project Management

No matter what you need—short-term missions for a larger project or the execution of a project from inception to completion—we can assist you. We have experience with various IT projects, and we do not get lost, even in complex environments. Thanks to our experience, we can help you in the short term for already started projects and can support you from the very first day.

Our Service

  • End-to-end project management of complex projects.
  • Coordination and integration of projects in your portfolio.
  • Clear requirement management and optimization of change processes.
  • Outsourcing of repetitive activities in internal or external PMO.
  • Planning of large, complex projects in terms of scope, budget and time.
  • Co-lead for internal project managers with corresponding coaching.

Your Added Value 

  • Highly trained project managers with relevant experience.
  • The ability of project managers to be available at short notice even when you need urgent help. 
  • Support in complex projects.

PM-Force GmbH
Röhrliberg 14d
6330 Cham

+41 76 295 00 00

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