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IT Outsourcing

There are many reasons for outsourcing, but its major drivers are costs or poor availability of specialists in the Swiss market. PM-Force has already carried out outsourcing for various projects in order to replace missing specialists with offshore teams. Outsourcing can lead to the success of the project only if processes are clearly conducted and a coordinated implementation plan is in place.


Our Service

  • Demonstration of options and opportunities for outsourcing in order to increase efficiency in product development. 
  • Evaluation of external providers of IT processes or software development. 
  • Supervision of the knowledge transfer from the existing team to the external partner.  
  • Adjustment of existing processes and the creation of a team structure that will achieve the best possible performance between offshore and onshore teams. 


Your Added Value 

  • Independent consultancy in the field of IT outsourcing.
  • Reducing the risk through the experience of our project managers.

PM-Force GmbH
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